A long weekend in Venice

A selection of photos from a long weekend in venice with Sarah and my folks. It was an excellent break and the weather was more or less fantastic for the whole 5 days. We'd gone at an appropriate time of year to avoid it being too smelly, or too flooded - worries quite a lot of people seem to have about going.


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San Giorgio Maggiore
Bridge Of Sighs
St Mark's Horses
St Mark's Square (panorama)
Pigeons, Pigeons, Pigeons!
Lights in St Mark's
Doge's Palace
St Mark's Basilica
St Mark's Basilica (2)
Santa Maria della Salute
Ponte di Rialto
St Mark's Basilica from above (panorama)
Doge's Palace from above (panorama)
Sun setting over Santa Maria
St Mark's Square from above
St Mark's Basilica in the Doge's Palace
Balcony in the Doge's Palace
Evening sky over San Marco
Canale Grande at dusk
Palazzo Franchetti Cavalli
Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta (Torchello)
View from the Bell Tower on Torchello
Sun on the water

Burano Canal
Burano Houses
St Mark's at night
The waterfront around St Mark's (panorama)
View from Ca' Rezzonica
St Mark's Campanile
Traghetto Crossing
Ready for the festival
Canal Moorings
Salute Procession
Gondola Racing
Gondola Racing (2)
Crowds on the bridge
Salute Procession (2)
The Folks
Wrapped up Warm
Salute Procession (3)
Santa Maria Formosa
San Geremia
The Ghetto
Rio della Misericordia
With knobs on

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