Sydney, Blue Mountains, Canberra, Melbourne (3 weeks)

My good friend from uni, and house mate from Reading Tim decided that the english life wasn't sunny enough and went to live in Sydney. Andy, another good friend and fellow physicist in crime, and I decided to make sure he was doing ok out there, and check out was oz had to offer us for a few weeks. Here's a few pics from our trip.

Australia Trip

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Darling Harbour
Andy in Hyde Park
Fountain in Hyde Park
Opera House (from gardens)
Central Quay (at dusk)
Harbour Bridge (at dusk)
Harbour Bridge and Opera House (by night)
Andy from the duty free
Opera House (from bridge)
Opera House (from quay)
Opera House and Bridge
Comedy Sign
Tim's Kitchen
Tim's Lounge
Andy, James and Tim
Dee Why Beach (panorama)
Tim looks out to sea
The boys @ Summer Bay
Summer Bay
Bilgola Beach
Ferry Ride
Tim, Mark & Andy
Tim & Andy meet
Don't jump lads
Sunset over Manly
MCA (at night)
Andy and the Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains from Katoomba (panorama)
Finding the Skyway
Eucalyptus Tree
Katoomba Skyway
Katoomba Falls (panorama)

Jenolan Caves
Limestone Pool
Canberra Parliament House
View from Capital Hill (panorama)
Parliament House Senate
Parliament House of Representatives
Circular Key and Bridge (by night)
Melbourne Millennium Square
Melbourne Millennium Square
Flinders St Station
Melbourne Parliament House
MCG (under construction)
Dusk in Melbourne
Flinders St Station (at dusk)
Yarra River in Melbourne
Melbourne (by night)
Ramsey Street 1
Ramsey Street 2
Andy's not impressed
Circular Quay
Doyle's Fishermans Wharf
Watson's Bay
Sydney from Watson's Bay (panorama)
Andy, Mark and Tim
Ben, Mark, Tim and Sarah
Victoria Shopping Centre
Harbour Bridge (from pillar)
Sydney Harbour (panorama east from bridge)
Sydney CBD (panorama view from bridge)
Harbour Bridge Joint
Unauthorised Opera House
Travel on the Harbour Bridge

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