North and South Island in 3 weeks

Kia Ora! Sarah and I had booked 3 weeks holiday around her birthday, but weren't really sure where we were going to go. New Zealand was pretty high up on my holiday wishlist and about a month beforehand we decided to look at flights. We managed to get a good deal from Air New Zealand and proceeded to have a fantastic holiday. We only really got a tiny taste of what New Zealand has to offer, and it left us wanting more!

After coming back from Australia I promised myself I wouldn't go on holiday with a compact camera again. The cost of the holiday meant a new camera was going to be out of the question, but Jamie kindly (and trustingly!) offered to lend me his Nikon D70 for the 3 weeks. FANTASTIC! Many thanks to him, it was excellent to use and made such a difference (despite me putting a spec of dust on the lense... you'll hopefully cope when looking through them all).

We managed to squeeze in the Tongariro Crossing and the Milford Track on our travels, both of which were beautiful, I only hope the photos do it some justice. This is an exceedingly cut down selection of photos, (I shot just under 2.5Gb!) Enjoy.

New Zealand

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Auckland Skytower
Auckland Harbour (panorama)
Mount Victoria
Sarah on the Coromandel
Cathedral Cove
Hot Water Beach
Mark's in Hot Water
Mt Maunganui
Te Puia
Prince of Wales' Feathers
Maori Welcome
Taranaki Falls
The Classic Photographer
Mt Nguaruhoe
Tongariro 1: Starting Off
Tongariro 2: Ascent to South Crater
Tongariro 3: Long Way Back
Tongariro 4: South Crater (panorama)
Tongariro 5: Steaming Crater
Tongariro 6: Ngauruhoe Makes an Appearance
Tongariro 7: Ascent Past Red Crater
Tongariro 8: The Top
Tongariro 9: Emerald Lakes
Tongariro 10: Mt Ngauruhoe and Red Crater
Tongariro 11: Emerald Lake and Red Crater
Tongariro 12: Central Crater
Tongariro 13: Snow Explorers Here
Tongariro 14: Blue Lake (panorama)
Tongariro 15: The Way Down
Tongariro 16: Ketatchi Hot Springs
Tongariro 17: Streams in the Forest
Lake Taupo (panorama)
Te Mata Peak
Woolly Friends
Inside Church Road Winery
The Mission Estate
Traffic Calming
Te Papa
Wellington Airport
Charles Plimmer Park
Inside Te Papa
Lady Norwood Rose Garden
The Beehive
Queenstown Gondola
Over Lake Wakatipu
Queenstown Harbour
Towards Glenorchy
Me on a Horse!
Lake Te Anau
Pack Lining
Ready To Walk
Milford Day 1: Into The Forest
Milford Day 1: The First Bridge
Milford Day 1: Clinton Hut

Milford Day 2: Morning
Milford DAy 2: First Glimpse of the Pass
Milford Day 2: Clinton River
Milford Day 2: Mirror Lake
Milford Day 2: Water Flow
Milford Day 2: MacKinnon Pass Ahead
Milford Day 2: Avalanche Zone
Milford Day 2: Nearing Minatro Hut
Milford Day 3: Misty Morning
Milford Day 3: Mountain Daisy
Milford Day 3: Mt Hart
Milford Day 3: Ascending to the Pass
Milford Day 3: MacKinnon Memorial
Milford Day 3: Kia
Milford Day 3: Twelve Second Drop
Milford Day 3: Halfway Marker
Milford Day 3: Mt Hart Again
Milford Day 3: Loo With A View
Milford Day 3: Twelve Second Drop From Below
Milford Day 3: Roaring Burn
Milford Day 3: Poser
Milford Day 3: Sutherland Falls
Milford Day 3: Staircase Creek
Milford Day 3: Sutherland Falls 2
Milford Day 3: Taking a Dip
Milford Day 4: Dumpling Hut
Milford Day 4: Mt Edgar Above The Arthur River
Milford Day 4: Arthur River
Milford Day 4: Mackay Creek
Milford Day 4: Mackay Falls
Milford Day 4: Giant's Gate Falls
Milford Day 4: Crystal Clear
Milford Day 4: Quick Dip
Milford Day 4: Arthur River
Milford Day 4: Sandfly Point
Milford Day 4: Survivors
Bowen Falls
Mitre Peak at Dusk
Evening in Milford
Dolphins in Milford
Postman's Rock
Sea Lions
Stirling Falls
Mitre Peak
The Chalet B&B
Classic Christchurch
Christchurch Cathedral
Heathcote Valley from Mt Cavendish (panorama)
Crater Rim Walkway
Banks Peninsular
Christchurch Cathedral by Night
Christchurch Tram
Antarctic Storm

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