14 day trek to Base Camp

After going to Nepal the previous year (see Annapurna Trek photo album) it took less persuasion this time for Jamie to get me to join the holiday. Originally more were coming, but in the end the two of us went with another friend from work Jon. The trek was amazing, and we got to see the biggest mountains in the world up close and personal. We also met a lot of excellent, fun and crazy people on the trek who make many appearances in the album.

This is a selection of photos that all three of us took - about a tenth of the total... Jamie's complete collection can be found here.

Everest Base Camp Trek

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Day 1: Lukla Airport
Day 1: Trekking Begins
Day 1: Kholi
Day 1: Mark Sleeps
Day 1: Jamie in the restaurant
Day 2: Phakding
Day 2: River crossing
Day 2: Bridge Trekkers
Day 2: Old Bridge
Day 2: High crossing
Day 2: Namche
Day 2: Lodgings
Day 3: Breakfast
Day 3: HP Saucery
Day 3: Shops in Namche
Day 4: Resting Trekkers
Day 4: Mong La
Day 4: River Valley
Day 4: Sian and Yaks
Day 5: Morning View
Day 5: Himalayan Pros and Cons
Day 5: Charpi
Day 5: Yak Farm
Day 5: Grubby Grin
Day 5: Everest Summiteer
Day 5: Phortse
Day 5: Posers
Day 5: Tengboche
Day 5: Photographer
Day 5: Ama Dablam
Day 5: Pangboche
Day 5: Chorten
Day 5: Lower Pangboche
Day 6: Yak
Day 6: Rest stop
Day 6: Back to Tengboche
Day 6: Nepal's Michael Owen
Day 6: Dingboche
Day 6: Dingboche from above
Day 6: Prayer Flags
Day 7: Sonam Friendship Lodge
Day 7: Up to Chhukhung
Day 7: Packless
Day 7: Ama Dablam and Ice Wall (panorama)
Day 7: The Vocalists
Day 7: Me
Day 7: Dingboche
Day 7: Chhukhung
Day 7: Glacier
Day 7: Craig, Jamie and Asha
Day 7: Prayer Flags and Chhukhung
Day 8: Pheriche and Beyond
Day 8: Dugla
Day 8: Lake near Dugla
Day 8: Pheriche Valley
Day 8: Acclimatising
Day 8: Mordor?
Day 8: Ama Dablam
Day 8: Jamie and Ama Dablam
Day 9: Dugla Memorial
Day 9: Valley to Lobuche
Day 9: Lobuche
Day 9: New Toilet Roll
Day 9: Hot Shower
Day 9: Pony Trekking
Day 9: Pass from Chhukhung
Day 9: The Guys

Day 9: The Elite
Day 10: Sunrise
Day 10: Leaving Lobuche
Day 10: Rocky Climb
Day 10: Back to Lobuche
Day 10: Moraine
Day 10: Gorak Shep
Day 10: Everest Glacier
Day 10: Everest and Nuptse
Day 10: Everest
Day 10: Happy on Kala Patter
Day 10: Down Kala Pattar
Day 10: View from Kala Pattar (panorama)
Day 10: Kala Pattar
Day 10: Base Camp from Kala Pattar
Day 10: Jamie Lets Go
Day 10: Mark and Jon
Day 10: Me, Myself and Everest
Day 10: Mark and Jamie Summit
Day 10: Kancha, Melissa and Tom
Day 10: Kala Pattar Summiteers
Day 10: Kala Pattar
Day 10: Kancha and Asha
Day 10: The group in front of Everest
Day 10: Poser
Day 10: Kancha
Day 10: Beached Yak
Day 11: Mountain Reflection
Day 11: Moraine Clambering
Day 11: To Base Camp (panorama)
Day 11: Tom straddles ice
Day 11: Thumbs up from Kancha
Day 11: Ice Lake
Day 11: Crashed Russian Helicopter
Day 11: Jon at Base Camp
Day 11: All Smiles
Day 11: I'm at Base Camp!
Day 11: Base Camp (panorama)
Day 11: Tom and Kancha
Day 11: Snow
Day 11: Tea in the lodge
Day 11: Jon Pours Another
Day 11: Jamie's Photos
Day 11: Hot Lemontastic
Day 11: The flag
Day 12: Lodge Room
Day 12: Snow Explorers
Day 12: Ready To Descend
Day 12: Lunch in Pheriche
Day 13: Round the Chorten
Day 13: River Crossings
Day 13: Pangboche
Day 13: Tengboche
Day 13: from Tengboche
Day 13: Mountains through the gate
Day 13: Tengboche Monastery
Day 13: To Sanasa and Namche
Day 13: Descend to Ascend
Day 13: Bridge at Phunki
Day 13: Trail to Namche (panorama)
Day 14: Comedy Look
Day 14: Kwangde
Day 14: Phakding (again)
Day 14: Jamie or Rambo?
Day 14: Comedy Trekkers
Day 14: Jon's Hat
Day 14: Flying? That's Easy

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