A week in Bahrain with some Lawyers

A selection of photos from my trip to Bahrain. Myself, Ben and Pie (aka Mr Pastry) flew out for a week to visit Timmy as he's been out there for over a year and it seemed rude not to. We enjoyed a fantastic week, when we weren't too hungover.

Bahrain Trip

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Car Park
(Tree of) Life of Pie?
Hot Sun
Tree Of Life
Desert Blooms
Mr Camels
Mr Camel
Boys on the beach
Beach wandering
Sand and Feet
Ben's Evil Lair
Bapco flags
First Oil Well
Bahrain GP
Fancy Roads
Abdullah's Boat
Beautiful Shoreline
Sand Bank Island
Timmy Tugboat
Boat Party
Map of Bahrain
Beach Pie
Boat Full
Two Porsche Boxsters
Bahrain from the roof

Pimms by the pool
More of Bahrain from the roof
Music Room
Learning Guitar
The Man
Cheesy Puffs
Queens of the Stone Age
Bahrain by night
Harry with Skiis
Sarah and Dolphin
Timmy Skiis
Push that fun button
Harry one-ski
Lovely presentation
Still Smiling
Reverse Parked
One more boat trip
Sun and Sea
Dhows on the way
Dhow close up
Sunset and industry

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