Pro-Trax 4x4 Driving Course, Level 1

Many thanks to Jo, Stu, Ben, Pie, Timmy, Jude, Charlie, Lizzie, Graeme and Helen for clubbing together and buying me a full day 4x4 "off road driving experience" with Pro-Trax. I spent a day in a disused quarry near Collyweston with a top bloke called Tim and his Landrover Defender 110. Many thanks to him too for showing me the ropes and letting me loose on the quarry. As well as having a lot of fun driving around, I learnt a lot about off-road driving, and now fancy getting a Landrover. We'll see what I can manage with the 2CV for now.

4x4 Driving Course

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The Quarry
Driving Around
Getting to Grips
That Way
Don't Lose A Wheel

Down We Go
At An Angle
The Big One

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